DIG 2022

Dig magazine de l'année 2022. Gros magazine de 220 pages (avec des pubs)
Report sur le trip trails de cet été.

DIG PHOTO ANNUAL #2022 - 220 pages of global BMX coverage.

On the cover:

Reed Stark - Denver, CO. Photo by Wes McGrath

p. 019-024: The DIG Awards 2022

A selection of our faves from the past 12 months.  Rider of the Year, Video part of the Year, Crew of the Year & more...

p. 026-033: BSD Does Denver

You never know what you’re going to get with these boys, and I don’t think they really did either!

p. 034-041: A UK Trails Trip

Our man in Chicago, David Leep, samples some of the UK’s finest trails and local crew hospitality, with Mark Potozcny, Tom Arkus and more.

p.040-047: A Nice Stew of Souvenirs 

Some overstimulation of the brain box with the Kink crew in Lyon at the height of Summer.

p.050-059: The Return To Puerto Rico

10 years later. Rob Dolecki and the Meseroll crew head to paradise. 

p.062-065: Zero Fucks Given - Chris “Baboon” Volkwine

The perspective of a highly skilled BMX park builder in a world of skaters.


Gary Young

A Lesson in Loyalty and Longevity

“Odyssey (and Vans) have remained by Gary’s side through-out his entire, completely radical, BMX career.”

p.70-077: The Felix Prangenberg Interview

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in BMX who think they’re better than other people.”

p.080-089: The Lewis Mills Interview

“At the time I felt like you’ll be fine, you just jump over and grind the rail.”

p.092-099 : Jordan Godwin - A Work in Progress

“It’s hard to explain, but I hated feeling the way I did, but also couldn’t find the will to help myself.”

p.100-105: The Casey Starling Interview

“You gotta have an eye for cutty spots.”

p.106-111: Reed Stark - A Fork in the Road

“I’ve always wanted to expose another bike rider to the Burning Man environment that is so uniquely built.” - Wes McGrath

p.112-119: JAPAN

A look at one of the best up and coming street scenes in BMX via the lens of Hikaru Funyu.

p.120-125: S&M ‘Dirt’ Rules

All aboard for the unofficial ‘Reynolds Invitational’. Please make this a real thing… 

p.126-133: Fast & Loose - The Endless Road Trip

“No time frame, no immediate plans to come back home, and freedom from traditional real-world responsibilities.”

p.136-145: Time Doesn’t Matter - 10 Years Of Chocolate Truck 

Matt Miller looks back at a decade of Philly street riding memories.

p.148-159: The 2022 DIG Photo Contest

Over two thousand photos later and we’ve finally picked our winners…

p.162-169: WTP HAUS 

As regular as Clockwork Orange. 3 weeks in London with a hefty worldwide crew.

p.172-177: SOUTH AFRICA

Jason Prins, Murray Loubser and Kevin Schinder enhancing some incredible scenery for the lens of Wayne Reiche

p.182-215: 2022 in Photos

A month by month break down of the whole
year in 90 images.

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