Let me tell you about the time

Let Me Tell You About The Time, Matt Coplon, 220 pages, en anglais.
Une compilation d'histoires inspirées du BMX par une quinzane de riders dont Rob Dolecki (Maintain), Joe Rich (T1), Crandall, Jeremy Ball, Mark Losey, Ryan Worcester, Brian Tunney ainsi qu'une réflexion sur le trails de Brian Yeagle

"The connecting thread is BMX. Every contributor was effected by BMX in some way throughout their lives. Some stories are about the actual, philosophical act of trail riding (Yeagle), some are simply about the wild antics that occur while being with friends who ride BMX (Degroot, Crandall, Rich, Ball, Hinkens), while some are inadvertently historic (Towne and Ramsdell). So, both BMX and BMX culture."

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