Compression hat

Les casquettes Compression sont maintenant dispo ici. Pour soutenir le trails de la Source et les besoins divers (baches, outils, organisation de la jam...) Il n'en reste plus que 2 dans la c... lire la suite
Weeksy proved worldwide that Boomerang is from Australia. He spread ancestral energy to all the crew. Titou, Bruno, Cyril and Batman followed him and jumped the boomerang. BMX is definetly a tea... lire la suite

banos jam 1/2

3rd Banos jam was a success. Too many sick cunts from all over the world shred the spot (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Australia). Here, the first part of the report. Hope to see you next year bros... lire la suite
Everytime we go to England, we stop at Villij, a kind of pilgrimage. In this temple of nosedive, all is like home: fire, beers, camping and riding. What a hapiness to see Robbo hanging out with us ... lire la suite

T1 zines

Arrivée de 2 zines compilés par Ed Docherty (Dig mag) qui retracent les trips T1 en Espagne - Portugal. Pour soutenir Joe Rich et ses frais hospitaliers suite à une mauvaise ch... lire la suite
Wingham trails: only 2 lanes but all kind of jumps. Long and low, berms, steep ones, shark fin, and the last one: 30 feet. All jumps are really smooth as the locals. Foerske 3.6 all day long from t... lire la suite
2nd stop was BirchWood trails. Josh and his friend built different good lanes in a quiet place. We fixed quickly the jumps then rode. All was perfect. The day after, Josh cooked English breakfast f... lire la suite
Partie 1: the Sheet Trails n'est pas un spot de merde. Photos by David Leep and myself. From Banos to England with Matty Aquizap, Ryan Green and Gilian (GRO trails) to meet Hazelwood's ... lire la suite

Jupiler forever

Belgium isn't the country of the potatoes fries (thats why american named it french fries) but Belgium is the country of MX trails and its greater. Locals and friends in action: Yelle, Red Belg... lire la suite
Des images de Titou à Urkatu, membre du Team Banos depuis l'âge de 12 ans, on l'a vu grandir, c'est un peu l'enfant du pays. L'interview est tiré du  S... lire la suite
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