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Edited by Chris Janis (Catty woods)- covers by Chris Janis or Banosdistro
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Chris Janis:
"Danny Dangits Backyard 2005
– This video is a lot of peoples favorite so thats pretty cool. I think this is the last footage from Minersville in this one. Fun Fact Danny Dangit is alive and crazier then ever.
Fun Vid 2006 – Im not even sure what the official name of this video is, I think at one point it was called The Edgar Vid, but copies I have say Fun Vid on them.
This was the start of the use of tarps at trails as you can see in clips there on some random jumps.
Save the Woods 2007 – This was the only video to really have individual sections in them. Really good stuff in here. Brian Foster’s famous scrub over the big roller which is no longer there but people still think it is, hehehe.
Pawoods 10 year Anniversay – 2009 last video ever released, because to break even you have to get a ton of copies made, and because its a big gamble trying to make Dvds. Since then its been easier to make sections here and there and put them on Vimeo for people to watch for free."

pawoods 10 year vid trailer from woods on Vimeo.


pawoods 2nd 10 year vid trailer from woods on Vimeo.

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